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Robotic Hair Restoration


Robotic hair restoration is a procedure that uses advanced ARTAS machines to do hair transplants. The ARTAS robotic transplant procedure can be done on any gender. They are painless after numbing the skin and they are very precise and accurate. The procedure is done involves taking healthy follicle grouping in the scalp and placing them in the section that is experiencing alopecia. This new technology of Follicular Unit Extraction (FSE) uses mathematical calculations to measure the density of the hair follicles to ensure they are well distributed.


The following are the advantages of using robotic hair transplants:


The procedure uses the latest technology and mathematical calculations which ensure that scarring does not occur because it is very precise. The patient does not suffer from any significant skin damages or abrasions. It is a very smooth procedure. The technology ensures that the hair follicle with the right density is a place wherein should and not at another follicle. Because it is minimally invasive, scarring is avoided.


Robotic hair transplants do not require the use of scalpels or staples. The procedure at https://barbersurgeonsguild.com is mechanized. Patients do not have damages left on the skin.

Because no incisions and stitches are done on the body, this means that the patient does not have to lay in bed for weeks to recover from the procedure. It is very time conscious. The procedure reduces greatly the patient's recovery time. The patient goes back immediately to their daily routine.


The advantage of the transplant is that the hair follicles that are not growing are replaced with healthy ones which make the procedure to be a permanent solution. One will not have to put on wigs on their head to cover their bald sections of the scalp. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best hair restoration, visit http://edition.cnn.com/HEALTH/help.at.home/hair.loss/main.exclude.html.


The ARTAS robotic transplant machine is able to harvest plenty of hair. Therefore, hair harvested can be used in another patient who wants a certain color of hair that they want to grow on their head.


It is not possible to notice the area that air has been harvested even when swimming. The donor area is not easily seen and remains undetected. Other methods of harvesting hair will expose you.


The new technology is very helpful especially to access hair in areas which traditional methods of hair stripping could not make it possible to extract.


Though the procedure is expensive, it is very cost effective in the long run due to the fact that it will last a lifetime. One does not do multiple procedures, they do only one that is good once and for all. Start here!